Zenden Lavon



The Movement – Live version with Tokyo band
Zenden Lavon – Japan Tour
Zenden Lavon – Redbull BC One Performance
Zenden Lavon – Peach Ice Tea *HOMIE VERSION*
Zenden Lavon – Fly (Feat. Anya Singh)
Come Down – Anderson .Paak – (feat Zenden Lavon)
Zenden Lavon at Berklee Five Week – i – Kendrick Lamar Cover
The Movement – Official Music Video
Good – Zenden Lavn (Official Music Video)
Zenden Lavon – Honey Bourbon

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Reem Ekay

Reem Ekay is a multitude of creative professions and dubs herself a "project based artist". She is an architect shaping the city by day and dives into facilitating the city's sound by night. Predominantly a spoken word poet, she weaves her pieces into neo-soul tracks and shifts between the two mediums in her work- A singer with a crafted narrative to tell.

J Ulster

Jamie Ulster, known professionally as J Ulster, is a South African EDM artist, DJ and Producer who fuses electronic sounds with inspirations from House, Hip Hop and R&B. As a classically trained pianist and drummer, J’s love for music originates from his father who is an avid lover and performer of jazz. J developed a strong connection with music as a whole and this continues to influence his sound today. After a successful run as a DJ opening for the likes of Tyga, Rick Ross, Sean Kington and Flo Rida, J looks to disrupt the EDM industry by taking his fans on a wild journey that provokes endless emotions through each listening experience.

Zenden Lavon

The talented rapper, singer, producer and songwriter from Southern California started out as a singer but quickly fell in love with rap. Not your average Hip Hop artist, Zenden looks to uplift and inspire through his music and his latest album BE Vol. 1 delivers powerful messages through beats infused with jazz and funk sounds. Zenden Lavon is a creative force looking to disrupt the music scene as his music continues to reach new heights.

Tour dates / Appearances

Zenden Lavon

D3 Unplugged – 7:30 Between bldg 8 & 9

Zenden Lavon

Sole DXB – 7:30pm Mainstage

Zenden Lavon

Japan Tour

Zenden Lavon

Shibuya Showcase